About Us


Domain Specialists

We are financial services specialists that grew up in the capital markets space. We bring an acute understanding of the domain, its customers and its challenges around customer service and engagement.

We have lived through information silos; low quality analytics; poor customer intelligence. We understand the frustrations around information opacity, missing intelligence, and passive data-feeds with little insights or intelligence. We strongly believe in demystifying complexities and creating simplicity. We have brought all our experiences and learnings to create for you something truly amazing!


Winning the Usability-Capability-Accountability challenge. We have given this a lot of thought and with InsightsCRM we strongly believe we have laid the foundation for something truly special across several industry verticals. Our overzealous focus on user-centricity, while ensuring a deep appreciation and understanding of complex workflow challenges of each customer segment, allows us to drive greater participation and accountability across an organization. A truly “Ikigai” moment in the world of software engineering and customer engagement!

Our ability to swiftly relate to our customer’s domain and business logic puts us in a formidable position to deliver a superior ROI and total-cost-of-ownership proposition over time.

Complex challenges do not require complex solutions. The world of CRMs we have often seen that over-engineered solutions that fail to meet the specific needs that were originally defined is a common occurrence. We believe complexity needs to be met with simplicity when it comes to designing a solution for our clients. We have endured greatly over the years to simplify as opposed to complicate. With InsightsCRM we believe we have raised the bar on simplifying workflow solutions, that drives engagement and participation of the user base on the platform.

We pay careful attention to our customer’s voice to design solutions that meet not only their needs today as well as their needs tomorrow.