Institutional Asset Management


Driving growth in Assets under Management

Growth in assets under management (AUM) is one of the primary goals of an asset manager. A sales team focused on driving growth in AUM is therefore essential to driving revenue growth as an Asset Manager. Empowering the internal sales team with the appropriate tools and workflows to drive a proactive and effective sales outreach to other institutional money managers is an essential building block for sustainable inflows into the various investment products on offer. Our endeavor has been to streamline this process - from identification to outreach – for the sales team and deliver results swiftly!


Building scale to drive long-run Competitiveness

Smaller and niche asset managers that are either pursuing sectoral or geography specific investing or specific thematic opportunities, having the right outreach plan to drive growth in assets under management requires a targeted and thought through process to attract the right kind of investor. We believe allowing for such clarity in the sales outreach efforts ensures agility and speed of decision-making and ensures a more efficient fund raise cycle. Given the costs of business, it is imperative for an Asset Manager to drive long-term competitiveness by ensuring steady growth in AUM, that is not only supported by positive investment performance but new funds injection.

Diversification of Investor base

Reducing reliance over time on one or two marquee investors has been an overriding objective of most asset managers that have an ambition to grow their scale of business over time. A diversified investor base allows for better management of redemption risks as well as ensures multiple sources of new inflows. We acknowledge the process of building institutional relationships is long and complex before an investor writes a check. Consequently, it is critically important to run a sales process that is driven by data points, following due process, and ensuring the appropriate product-opportunity alignment.


The hunt for Alpha; increasingly global

Investors are seeking diversification across investment strategies as well as geographies. They work with other active managers in markets and asset classes where they do not have their own active management capabilities or lack the necessary expertise within their own teams. As an Asset Manager that is seeking allocations from global entities that are happy to rely on their “active’’ management skills in particular products and geographies, it requires effective targeting and engagement from the institutional sales team (at the Asset Manager) to ensure fund inflows. Building trust, confidence and comfort over the sales outreach and engagement process is an integral part of any investor outreach program.