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Customer Success beyond merely knowing your clients

The world of institutional stock broking remains challenging, despite the squeeze over the last decade. Getting recognition for your service in an ultra-competitive marketplace requires more than just knowing your client’s needs. It’s about diligence, following up and continuously curating and calibrating one’s service to the ever-evolving needs of institutional investors.

Adaptability, Transparency and Accountability to the forefront

Institutional investors operate in rapidly changing investment landscapes. They value different things at different times. But, above all, they consistently value transparency, accountability, and the ability to adapt to their needs. We passionately believe smart tech goes a long way to build the foundation to successful and profitable customer relationships.

Our CRM offering has evolved to ensure business critical aspects of functionality are to the forefront, while maintaining the simplicity of use and maintenance of the system.

Centralised Repository – One Source
Centralised Repository – One Source!
Business feeds off one information source when it comes to clients.
Single source of truth for activities and customer engagement.
Discriminated access rights based on individual user profiles.
World class data security and back up provisions on Amazon cloud.
Integrated Call List Management
Integrated Call List Management
Customizable call lists based on client screening criteria and filters.
Structured and intelligent view on an individual client activity.
Create and track follow-up tasks across all teams and individuals.
Personalise bulk communication across lists or ad-hoc emails.
Proactive Account Management
Proactive Account Management
Empower account managers to drive actionable agenda on each account.
Ensure account level accountability and transparency on service levels.
Account level reviews with notes and follow-ups administered account level.
Insightful management reporting; boosting collaboration and decision-making.
Roadshows and Corporate Access
Roadshows and Corporate Access
Fully integrated roadshows - analyst and corporate access - management.
Make high value services accountable in the Account Review process.
Funnel clients to your events based on commercial importance and value.
Collect post event feedback and have it feed your reporting needs.
Seamless Third-Party Integrations
Seamless Third-Party Integrations
MS Outlook integration via web Add-Ins driving enhanced engagement.
Click-to-Dial (CTD) integrations across several global telephony service providers.
Third-party data solution providers like Refinitiv and FactSet.
Integrate virtual meetings management – Zoom; WebEx etc.
Insightful Management Reporting
Insightful Management Reporting
Transparency and accountability across the client service value chain.
Customizable reports - data and analytics - to drive your decision-making.
Capture real-time client feedback on meetings; feeding reporting tools.
Management reporting obligations met via ready to use templatised reports.