Institutional Asset Management


Simplify complex Institutional Relationships and Opportunities

Raising institutional money requires compliance against a complex evaluation and due diligence process from an institutional investor. A one size fits all approach in the outreach process delivers poor results! Institutional sales teams at Asset Managers, entrusted to raise incremental inflows, must invest in long sales cycles in the prospecting phase, to build trust and confidence in the investment products and track record, before winning a new mandate. We have focused on driving efficient and effective management of that outreach process with a view to driving greater success to add new investors as an Asset Manager.

Building Trust and Differentiation with Institutional Investors

Empowering the institutional sales team as an Asset Manager the ability to target the right investor base to drive a meaningful conversation is critical to driving AUM growth. Understanding the prospect investor for their goals, objectives, and investment style and then to identify the product offering within your stables that either “talks to” or meets those objectives is critical. Since the prospecting process tends to be long and complex, it is important to capture as much intelligence and insights on a potential investor in the sales cycle and ensure that such intelligence can be leveraged real-time to build on the relationship over time.

Institutional Investor Engagement
Build strong relationships to foster recurring fund inflows
Leverage historical interactions and insights to gain relevance
Manage the sales pipeline from initial outreach to funding
Smart Prospecting Management
Build a strong engagement thread from identifying to successful closure
Develop granular activity tracking and follow-ups against each Prospect
Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities across client list
Sales Team Management and Planning
Allocate opportunities across sales teams based on geography or product
Control access to client activity across team based on reporting hierarchy
Facilitate sales planning and outreach efforts via alerts and tasks
Insightful Product-Opportunity Alignment
Bring focus to the sales process with better targeting and insights
Identify opportunities and align them against product offering
Create and track opportunity milestones in terms of triggers
Seamless Third-Party Integrations
Email and telephony integration to deliver ease of engagement and follow ups
A marketplace for third-party apps that can be integrated on-demand
Powerful LinkedIn integration to enhance prospecting capabilities
Dashboards and Reporting Insights
Choice of Dashboards and related analytics
Robust Power BI-driven dashboarding capabilities
Revenue and Targets Planning and Execution