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Your Success Depends on your Client’s Success

In the fiercely competitive world of M&A and Investment Banking, your ability to “add value” to your client’s aspirations and goals is directly related to how well you know your client. Your ability to drive relevance in each client engagement is based on an uncluttered view (of the client), not handicapped by information silos in your organization, promoting creative exchange of ideas.

Your CRM needs to rise to the challenge every time to meet this continuous need for “value add”, aiding the origination of commercially sound ideas and finally aiding its execution on behalf of the client. We help you drive your client’s success.

Building Trust and Respect is critical

The success factor for a banker is largely driven by the simple question – “Are you building trust with your client; and gaining his/her respect?” Trust and Respect must go hand in hand, to create a successful relationship in all circumstances. However, its importance in M&A and Banking is of paramount importance for a recurring transaction with the same client.

Your CRM should aid your ability to add real value to each client interaction. Ensure a wholistic view of the client, built on objectivity, transparency, and discretion. We make this happen for you!

Corporate Engagement
Build strong relationships to foster recurring business opportunities with the client base.
Leverage historical interactions insights to aid engagements in future.
Leverage strong relationships across teams to boost transaction prospects.
differentiate-between-opportunities-& -mandates
Differentiate between Opportunities & Mandates
Identify opportunities and support your transactions origination process.
Develop granular activity tracking and follow-ups against each transaction.
Seamlessly move a transaction to “execution” mode with a mandate (award) from a client.
Customizable Transaction Workflows
No two organizations are the same when it comes to workflows.
Our BuildingBlocks approach allows for easy to customize transaction workflows.
Create categories and sub-categories of transaction types and then have execution stages aligned to each.
Confidentiality within Transactions
Ensuring transaction level secrecy and discretion is critical to your business.
All emails, phone calls, meetings, follow-ups, and related confidential documents confined to Deal Team members.
Elevated access rights to senior management to maintain oversight across transactions.
Insightful Screening/Targeting Capabilities
Leverage client engagement data to drive high quality target lists in transactions.
Improve your prospecting effectiveness when identifying buyers/sellers in a M&A transaction.
Leverage historical transaction data to enrich customer insights, to boost deal success rates.
Seamless Third-Party Integrations
Email and telephony integration to deliver ease of engagement and follow ups.
Stay tuned for our third-party data aggregator integrations - Crunchbase and Pitchbook.
An open architecture Web-API framework to integrate a series of third-party solution providers within the CRM.
management Reporting Insights
Management Reporting Insights
Dashboards for quick insights and Call-to-Action activities.
Data intelligence and collaboration to drive team level engagement and success.
Customizable reporting templates to facilitate discussions across the business.