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The Diversity Challenge

Talk to any investment banker and he (or she) will tell you emphatically that each of their client’s needs are unique and there is huge diversity in their aspirations and requirements. This is true even for firms that belong to the same industry or sector. Firms are in different stages of evolution and face different challenges; consequently, requiring differentiated advice and solutions from a corporate finance, advisory and M&A perspective.

Our CRM solution ensures each client’s uniqueness is forever maintained and allowing bankers the creative freedom to devise specific solutions to their needs and aspirations.

Winning versus Sourcing Mandates

“Winning a mandate is totally different from sourcing a mandate.” As a banker, you are constantly having to add incremental value to your existing clients, but also ensure your clients see your advice and solutions as better than what other competitor firms (to you) are bringing to them. Each deal is won on its merits and a client is never obliged to award you a transaction unless it materially adds more value, or convincing enough on its success rate, compared to other competing propositions on the table at their end.

While an investment banking firm’s reputation and expertise in specific sectors or industries always leads helps an engagement, it hugely helps to have a CRM that facilitates more intelligent and swift responses to aiding the “winning” a mandate mindset and outcome.

Building Insights and not just Data Points

CRMs are notorious for aiding the collection of lots of information. However, the real need is to aid building insights rather than merely a collection of data-points. While data-points are useful, they should collectively form an insightful view on a client organization; deeply enhancing the abilities of an investment banking and M&A advisor to add value to each such client.

The ability to curate an insightful and analytical view on a client (or client organization) is critical to a CRM’s core and when you combine that with deal execution tools, you achieve exponential success.

Intelligence Repository; Going beyond Activity Tracking

The real challenge faced by bankers and advisory firms when it comes to corporate level engagement and value-add is - How effectively can I meet the needs and aspirations of my client organization? Once have comfort level on the above question, do you start to weave together a credible plan to help your clients achieve their objectives.

From a CRM perspective, it is hugely important to go beyond tracking communication and feedback and being able to bring that together to create real intelligence in the customer engagement value chain.